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Parallel Timeline Requirement Sheet

Most timelines show dates from a single person, event, or culture. There are also timelines that show links between cultural or geographic groups. These "linked timelines" are parallel timelines, because they show parallels between time periods.

  1. You will be creating a timeline comparing Muhammad's life from 570 (Muhammad's birth) to 632 (Muhammad's death) with other events that were occurring at the same time outside of the Arabian Peninsula. These other events should be related to another person, another culture, or another geographic region.
  2. Plot the events near the appropriate dates on the timeline.
  3. Summarize the events in your own words.
  4. Have a minimum of eight events on each portion of the timeline. (Eight for Muhammad, and eight for the other person, culture or geographic region.)
  5. Create three visuals for events relating to Muhammad, and three for the other portion of the timeline. The visuals need to show a clear connection to the events they represent. Use color and place visuals close to the events on the timeline.

Below is an example layout.