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1500s: Young Ieyasu/Okazaki City Hall; Portuguese Traders/Osaka Castle; Jesuits/Kobe City Museum; Nobunaga/Osaka Castle; Battle of Nagashino/Osaka Castle; Hideyoshi/Osaka Castle; Persecution of Christians/Art Resource; Edo/Mitsui Bunko
1600s: Battle of Sekigahara/Gifu Museum; Ieyasu/Osaka Castle; Dutch/Nagasaki City Museum; Ieyasu/Osaka Castle; Siege of Osaka Castle/Osaka Castle; Fall of Osaka Castle/Osaka Castle; Iemitsu/Hesedera; Daimyo/Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum; Shimabara Uprising/Akizuki Kyodokan; Portuguese/Nagasaki Prefectural Museum; Dutch in Deijima/Kobe City Museum; Tsunayoshi/Nagasaki Prefectural Museum; Ihara/Osaka Nakanoshima Library; Edo Renaissance/Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum
1700s: 47 Ronin/Heibonsha; Utamaro/Takahashi Collection; Autopsy/Tokyo Medical Library; Hiroshige Print/Tokaido Hiroshige Museum
1800s: Ships/Nagasaki City Museum; Ieyoshi/Hasedera; Iesada/Hasedera; Perry Arrives/Ryosenji; Treaty with Perry/Ryosenji

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