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Abbot - the chief monk,the father of the community (abbess in a nunnery).

Almoner - looked after the poor who visited the abbey (giving alms).

Brother - all monks were addressed as brothers.

Bursar - in charge of financial accounts.

Cellarer - in charge of food and general provisions.

Chancellor - in charge of the library, and the copying by hand of books.

Cowl - hood

Crozier - ornamental shepherd's crook, carried by abbot (or bishop).

Girdle - rope belt, with attached crucifix.

Habit - the loose robe worn by all monks.

Infirmarian - in charge of medical care, particularly herbal medicine.

Insignia - general word for ceremonial clothing and objects.

Hospitaller - looked after the guesthouse - no visitor to the abbey was denied hospitality.

Mitre - ceremonial hat worn by abbot (or bishop).

Novice - a beginner; someone who has recently joined a monastery. Novice monks spent two or three years in training, before deciding whether to take their final vows.

Precentor - in charge of music; the abbey choir-master.

Prior - assistant to the abbot, or chief of a small monastery (prioress in a nunnery).

Sacrist - looked after the monastery's treasures, and vestments.

Tonsure - shaved hair-style, leaving a circle of hair (like a crown of thorns).

Vestments - ceremonial clothing worn sometimes during church services.

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