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St Benedict's Rules For Monks

  • Once you have entered a monastery, you must stay there until you die.
  • All monks must take turns working in the kitchens, and waiting at table.
  • Monks must remain busy, either with manual work, or in study and prayer.
  • Monks must remain silent, unless they have to speak.
  • The Abbot must be a father to his community.
  • The Abbot must hold meetings with all the monks to decide monastery business.
  • The Abbot's orders must be obeyed without argument.
  • Every monk must take a vow of chastity.
  • No one should own anything.
  • Monks must pray together seven times a day.
  • At every meal, there must be a reading from the bible.
  • Great care must be taken of those who are sick.

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