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The Medici Quiz

Think you might be a genius like Leonardo da Vinci? A great political strategist á la Machiavelli? Or just plain magnificent like Lorenzo? Or perhaps you're as debaucherous as Pope Leo X? Find out below....

Take note of your answers then click through for the result. Good luck!

1. Your enemies assassinate your brother, what do you do?
a) Wait until they least expect it and then destroy them - but make sure to cover your tracks
b) Despair at the tragedy and rail against a more powerful force but do nothing
c) Buy revenge: find the most sadistic hit-man to strike for you
d) Take matters into your own hands, fight back and finish off the enemy once and for all

2. You're in debt, the whole house of cards is about to come crashing down what do you do to survive?
a) Hawk yourself around and take on as many jobs as you can for the most cash and do just enough to get paid
b) Gamble on one job that could pay well but might just finish you off
c) Find the biggest scam of all time and take advantage of everyone you know
d) Suffer in silence, pretend everything is OK and find the perfect investment

3. You're asked to do something you think is impossible, what do you do?
a) Persuade the taskmasters to set something more achievable but which appears as difficult
b) Complain but do it anyway. You know if anyone can do it you can
c) Pay someone else to do it, but make sure you take all the credit
d) Spend a lot of time planning, seek advice and eventually get it done

4. You're sold down the river, everyone has turned their back on you, do you....?
a) Go to your persecutor and beg for another chance even though you don't deserve it
b) Decide you don't need 'em and move on
c) Buy your way back into their good books, works every time
d) Use your charm and position to convince everyone they were wrong

5. You settle on the object of your desire, how do you win them over?
a) Plot and scheme your way into their affections
b) Agonize over them, write them poems, paint their portrait and hope they notice you
c) Everyone has a price and you deserve the best arm candy in town
d) Win them over? I've never had to flirt before, women/men love me

6. If it all ends tomorrow how would you want to be remembered?
a) As a great player, someone who kept their cards close to their chest until the very end
b) A genius who left behind a brilliant body of work
c) As the last to leave the party, life's too short not to enjoy it
d) Someone who left the world a better place for my children to enjoy

Take me straight to the results, I feel lucky...

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