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Medici encouraged learning
This series on the Medici family lends itself to many disciplines: history, science, language arts, and visual arts.

For this reason, the basic lesson for each program provide materials to help assure that students understand the basic content of the film.

These include:

  1. Preview questions to connect the film to students' prior knowledge and focus their attention while viewing
  2. A viewing guide that covers the major content of the film and can be used for assessment or review
  3. Closure questions to follow viewing
Extensions include activities that are both interdisciplinary and adaptable for all disciplines. Teachers may select those extensions that best suit their time constraints, curriculum, and students. Teachers may also adapt lessons in the following ways:
  • Have students complete viewing guides as a group or with partners.
  • Play brief segments of the film, stopping for students to answer as you go along.
  • Complete the viewing guide as a class with coaching.
  • Ask a question, then show the segment that answers that particular question.
Read the National Standards applicable to these lesson plans.

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For Teachers

- Lesson Plan 1:
The Birth of a Dynasty

- Lesson Plan 2:
The Magnificent Medici

- Lesson Plan 3:
The Medici Popes

- Lesson Plan 4:
Power vs Truth


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