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About Napoleon
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The Man and the Myth
     Youth and Family Life
     Tyrant or Hero?
     Self-Made Myth
     Perspectives on Napoleon

Napoleon and Josephine
     Courtship and Marriage
     The Emperor and Empress
     Crisis and Divorce
     A New Life

Politics in Napoleon's Time
     The French Revolution
     Politics and the People
     The Fall of Napoleon's Empire
     Napoleon's Legacy

Napoleon at War
     Campaigns and Battles
          First Italian Campaign
          The Egyptian Campaign
          Second Italian Campaign
          The Ulm-Austerlitz Campaign
          The Prussian Campaign
          The Peninsular War
          The Austrian War
          The Russia Campaign
          From Lützen to Elba
          The Waterloo Campaign
     Napoleon's Tactics
     A Soldier's Life
     Weapon and Units of the Grand Armée
          The Imperial Guard
     Interactive Battlefield Simulator

Special Features
     Interactive Battlefield Simulator
     PC Screensaver | Mac Screensaver
     Video Clips
     Perspectives on Napleon: Discussion Forum

Classroom Materials
          Napoleon Becomes a Man of Destiny
          The Laws Live On
          Hero or Tyrant?
          Church and State

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