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about the filmmakers

Margaret Koval

Margaret Koval

Writer and Director Margaret Koval has an extensive background in documentary and news magazine programming, and has been making PBS documentary films for over eight years. In addition to Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution, her PBS credits include The Roman Empire in the First Century and three episodes of the Emmy, Peabody and Du-Pont Award-winning series, The Great War and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century, co-produced by PBS and the BBC. In addition, Koval received an Emmy award for her role in ABC News' five-part special, Nightline in the Holy Land.

Patricia Asté

Patricia Aste

Producer Patricia Asté has been working in international documentary film for over ten years, and has been working with Koval for the past five years. In addition to Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution, her extensive credits include series producer on the four hour PBS film, The Roman Empire in the First Century, and five-years with ABC/Kane International Productions where she co-produced In Pursuit of the Shroud, Tattoo and The Mysterious World of Erik Von Daniken. Also at ABC/Kane, Ms. Asté was the Production Manager for A World of Discovery: Dolphins, and Chariot of The Gods.