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Reading List

Here is a list of some of the books available about Ancient Rome.

Literary Resources Adkins, Lesley and Roy A. "Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome" Facts On File 1994

Andreae, Bernard "The Art of Rome" New York, 1977

Africa, Thomas "Rome of the Caesars" J. Wiley 1965

Balsdon, J.P.V.D. "Life and Leisure in Ancient Rome" London 1974

Balsdon, J.P.V.D. "Roman Women" London 1974

Barrett, Anthony A. "Caligula: The Corruption of Power" New Haven 1989

Blagg, Thomas and Martin Millett, eds. "The Early Roman Empire in the West" Oxford 1990

Bradley, Keith "Slaves and Masters in the Roman Empire: A Study in Social Control" New York 1987

Bradley, Keith and Suzanne Dixon "Discovering the Roman Family" 1991

Brunt, P.A. "Stoicism and the Principate" Papers of the British School at Rome 43 (1975)

Brunt, P.A. and Moore, J.M., editors Res Gestae "Divi Augusti: The Achievements of the Divine Augustus" London 1967

Cambridge "Ancient History, vol. X: 44-BC-AD 70" Cambridge 1934

Campbell, J.B. "The Emperor and the Roman Army, 31 BC - AD 235" New York 1984

Capps, E. et al, editors; Shipley, Frederick W., and Heinemann, William (translators) "Velleius Paterculus and Res Gestae Divi Augusti" The Loeb Classical Library 1924

Cassius Dio and Scott-Kilvert, Ian (translator) "The Roman History: The Reign of Augustus" Penguin Books 1987

Charlesworth, Martin "Percival The Roman Empire" London 1967

Curchin, Leonard A. "Roman Spain: Conquest and Assimilation" New York 1991

Davies, Roy W. "Service in the Roman Army" New York 1989

Davis, William Stearns, ed. "Readings in Ancient History: Illustrative Extracts from the Sources", 2 Vols. Allyn and Bacon 1912-13

Drinkwater, John F. "Roman Gaul: The Three Provinces" Ithaca 1983

Earl, Donald "The Age of Augustus" New York 1968

Evans, Robert F. "Soldiers of Rome: Praetorians and Legionnaires" Washington D.C. 1986

Feldman, Louis H. "Josephus and Modern Scholarship" Berlin 1984

Ferrill, Arther "The Emperor Caligula" London 1991

Finley, M.I., ed. "Classical Slavery" Totowa, NJ 1987

Frere, Sheppard S. "Britannia: A History of Roman Britain." 3rd edition. London 1987

Galinsky, Karl "Augustan Culture" Princeton 1996

Garnsey, Peter and Saller, Richard "The Roman Empire: Economy, Society and Culture" Berkeley 1987

Garnsey, Peter, Keith Hopkins and C.R. Whittaker, eds. "Trade in the Ancient Economy" Berkeley 1983

Garzetti, Albino "From Tiberius to the Antonines: A History of the Roman Empire AD 14-192" London 1976

Grant, Michael "The Twelve Caesars" Charles Scribner's Sons 1975

Grant, Michael and Kitzinger, Rachel "Civilization of the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece and Rome" New York 1988

Grant, Michael "Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum" New York 1976

Grant, Michael "The Twelve Caesars" New York 1975

Griffin, Jasper "Latin Poets and Roman Life" Chapel Hill 1985

Griffin, Miriam "Nero: The End of a Dynasty" New Haven 1984

Griffin, Miriam "Seneca: A Philosopher in Politics" Oxford 1976

Gruen, Erich S. "Heritage and Hellenism: the Reinvention of Jewish Tradition" Berkeley 1998

Gruen, Erich S. "Culture and National Identity in Republican Rome" Ithaca, N.Y 1992

Gruen, Erich S. "The Hellenistic World and the Coming of Rome" Berkeley 1986

Hallett, J.P. "Fathers and Daughters in Roman Society: Women and the Elite Family" Princeton 1984

Hallett, J.P. and Skinner, M.B. "Roman Sexualities" Princeton 1997

Humphrey, John H. "Roman Circuses: Arenas for Chariot Racing" Berkeley 1986

Isaac, Benjamin "The Limits of Empire: The Roman Army in the East" New York 1992

Jones, Brian W. "The Emperor Domitian" London 1992

Keay, S.J. "Roman Spain" Berkeley 1988

Kleiner, Diana E.E. "I Claudia" Texas Press 1996

Kleiner, Diana E.E. "Roman Sculpture" New Haven 1992

Kraus, Theodor "Pompeii and Herculaneum: The Living Cities of the Dead" New York 1973

Lefkowitz, Mary and Fant, Maureen (eds.) "Women's Life in Greece and Rome" Baltimore 1982

Levick, Barbara "Claudius" New Haven 1990

Levick, Barbara "Tiberius the Politician" London 1976

Lewis, Naphtali and Reinhold, Meyer "Roman Civilization, II" Columbia University Press 1966

Liebeschuetz, H.H.W.G. "Continuity and Change in Roman Religion" Oxford 1979

Ling, Roger "Roman Painting" New York 1991

Liversidge, Joan "Everyday Life in the Roman Empire" New York 1976

Lutwak, Edward N. "The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire: From the First Century A.D. to the Third" Baltimore 1976

MacDonald, William L. "The Architecture of the Roman Empire" New Haven 1982-86

MacMullen, Ramsay "Enemies of the Roman Order: Treason, Unrest, and Alienation in the Empire" London 1966

MacMullen, Ramsay "Roman Social Relations, 50 BC to AD 284" New Haven 1974

Martin, Ronald Tacitus Berkeley 1981

Mellor, Ronald, ed. "From Augustus to Nero: The First Dynasty of Imperial Rome" East Lansing 1990

Mellor, Ronald "The Roman Historians London and New York" 1999

Millar, Fergus "The Roman Empire and its Neighbors" New York 1981

Millar, Fergus "The Roman Near East, 31 BC - AD 337" Cambridge, Mass 1993

Nash, Ernest "Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome" New York 1981

Petronius and Seneca "The Satyricaon; The Apocolocyntosis" Penguin Classics 1986

Philo and Colson, FH. (translator) "The Loeb Classical Library: The Embassy to Gaius, XVIII" Harvard University Press 1962

Pliny the Elder and Healy, John F. (translator) "Natural History: A Selection" Penguin Classics 1991

Pliny the Younger and Radice, Betty (translator) "The Letters of the Younger Pliny" Penguin Classics 1969

Pomeroy, Sarah "Goddesses, Whores, and Slaves: Women in Classical Antiquity" New York 1975

Potter, D.S. and Mattingly, D.J. "Life, Death, and Entertainment in the Roman Empire" Ann Arbor 1999

Rabinowitz, N.S. and Richlin, A.E. Feminist Theory and the Classics New York and London 1993

Rawson, Beryl, ed. "The Family in Ancient Rome" Ithaca 1986

Richlin, A.E. "The Garden of Priapus", 2 ed. Oxford 1992

Rolfe, J. C., ed. "Suetonius", 2 Vols. The Loeb Classical Library, The MacMillan Co. 1914

Saller, Richard "Personal Patronage Under the Early Empire" Cambridge 1982

Salway, Peter "Roman Britain Oxford" 1989

Sandbach, F.H. "The Stoics" Bristol 1989

Schurer, E. "The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ"

Scobie, A. "Slums, sanitation, and mortality in the Roman World" Klio 68.2 (1986) pp. 399-433

Scullard, H.H. "From Gracci to Nero" New York 1982

Scullard, Howard Hayes "Festivals and Ceremonies of the Roman Republic" Ithaca 1981

Seneca and Costa, CDN (translator) "Dialogues and Letters" Penguin Books 1997

Shelton, Jo-Ann "As the Romans Did: A SourceBook in Roman Social History" Oxford University Press 1988

Sherwin-White, A.N. Racial Prejudice in Imperial Rome Cambridge 1970

Sherwin-White, A.N. "The Letters of Pliny: A Historical and Social Commentary" New York 1966

Smallwood, Mary E. "The Jews Under Roman Rule from Pompey to Diocletian" 1981

Snowden, Frank M. Jr. "Before Color Prejudice: The Ancient View of Blacks" Cambridge, Mass. 1983

Stambaugh, John E. "The Ancient Roman City" Baltimore 1988

Stark, Rodney "The Rise of Christianity: A Sociologist Reconsiders History" Princeton 1996

Starr, Chester G. "The Roman Empire" 27 B.C.-A.D. 476: A Study in Survival London 1982

Strong, Donald E. "Roman Art" New York 1988

Suetonius Tranquillus and Holland, Philemon (translator) "The Lives of the Twelve Caesars" New York 1965

Sullivan, J.P. "Literature and Politics in the Age of Nero" Ithaca 1985

Syme, Ronald "Tacitus" Oxford 1958

Tacitus and Grant, Michael (translator) "The Annals of Imperial Rome" Penguin Classics 1996

Talbert, Richard J.A. "The Senate of Imperial Rome" Princeton 1984

Tingay, Graham (translator) "Empire and Emperors: Selections from Tacitus' Annals" Cambridge University 1983

Thompson, Lloyd A., "Romans and Blacks", Norman, 1989

Veyne, Paul, "Bread and Circuses: Historical Sociology and Political Pluralism", London, 1990

Veyne, Paul, "The Roman Empire", London, 1997

von Blanckenhagen, Peter H. and Alexander, Christine, "The Augustan Villa at Boscotrecase", 1990

Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew, "Suetonius: The Scholar and His Caesars", New Haven, 1983

Ward-Perkins, John B, "Roman Imperial Architecture", New York, 1977

Watson, George Ronald, "The Roman Soldier", Ithaca, 1969

Webster, Graham, "The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries AD", Totowa, NJ, 1985

White, L. Michael, "The Social Origins of Christian Architecture", Trinity Press, 1990

Wells, Collin, "The Roman Empire", Stanford, 1984

Wilson, A.N., " Paul: The Mind of the Apostle", Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc., 1998

Wilken, R.L. "The Christians as the Romans Saw Them", New Haven, 1984

Woodman, A.J. and David West, eds., "Poetry and Politics in the Age of Augustus", Cambridge, 1984

Yavetz, Zvi, "Plebs and Princeps", New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1969

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