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  Ancient Egyptian sphinx

Ancient Egyptian sphinx
  30 BC - Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide.
Antony knows he will be executed and Cleopatra does not want to be paraded as a spoil of war, so they take their own lives before they are captured by Roman troops. Octavian turns Egypt into a Roman province and takes Cleopatra's vast royal treasure. His victory is complete and incredibly profitable, boosting his reputation considerably.

28-29 BC - Octavian, now in control, is appointed Princeps Senatus.
Octavian returns to Rome with great wealth, prestige and the entire military strength of the empire at his disposal. In the official record of his achievements (the Res Gestae), he later proclaims: "with universal consent I was in complete control of affairs." He is appointed Princeps Senatus, the leader of the Roman Senate.
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