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  Flames engulf the city of Rome

Flames engulf the city of Rome
  64 AD - The Great Fire of Rome.
The Great Fire of Rome begins on July 18 and lasts for six days and seven nights. Of Rome's 14 districts only four remain untouched. Rumors circulate that Nero had been singing and dancing while Rome burned. In order to divert attention away from himself, Nero blames the Christians. He orders some to be thrown to the lions; many others are crucified.

65 AD - Plots against Nero.
Nero discovers the Pisonian conspiracy (named after Gaius Calpurnius Piso, who intended to take his place). The poets Lucan, Seneca and the novelist Petronius are among those who lose their lives in the purge that follows. Increasingly alone and paranoid, Nero kicks his wife Poppaea to death while she is pregnant and ill. Reportedly, this is for complaining that he came home late from the races.
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