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The Mars Prospect - Journey to the Red Planet

Terraforming Timeline: Making Mars Ours

The planets Mars and Earth.

Blisteringly cold and barren, Mars is radiation-soaked and devoid of oxygen. It howls with dust storms that fill the sky for months at a time.

Even so, there are those who dream of making Mars home. Some scientists advocate terraforming: transforming the Martian landscape and atmosphere into one similar to Earth's. The job is daunting — perhaps impossible — and certainly controversial. But some are actively looking for ways to make it happen.

Travel the timeline to discover some of the challenges and the speculation on how it could be done.

Introduction page 1: Should We Terraform Mars? page 2: Preparing for Liftoff page 3: The First Research Settlement page 4: Turning Up the Heat on Mars page 5: Melting Ice and Thickening the Atmosphere page 6: Oxygenating and Greening the Planet page 7: Mars as Home Next