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The Mars Prospect - Journey to the Red Planet

Terraforming Timeline: Making Mars Ours

The First Research Settlement

Artist's rendering of astronauts on the surface of Mars

Pioneers have always struggled to survive on the frontier, but for astronauts settling on Mars, life is likely to be much harder with little time for relaxation.

Setting Up House
The first colonizers could be housed in dome structures pressurized with a livable atmosphere that is similar to Earth's. It is likely that a majority of the colony's living space will be filled with medical and scientific equipment.

Growing Food
A variety of foods could be grown in greenhouses. This is also the time that genetically modified plants could be tested for future planting in Martian environments.

Colonists would fill their days exploring the planet, conducting research and preparing to terraform the planet. They would share their new discoveries via satellite with NASA, universities and the media.

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