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About the Series
Flashpoints USA with Bryant Gumbel and Gwen Ifill is an innovative public affairs series from PBS that brings together both compelling examinations of critical issues and a dynamic pairing of two of the most respected names in journalism.

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God in America
Featured PBS Resources
NOW with Bill Moyers: God and Government
Bill Moyers takes a look at the history of God and government in the United States.

Statute of Religious Freedom
This site presents Thomas Jeffersonís most important and controversial writings including his views on the separation of church and state.

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First Amendment Center
The First Amendment Center works to preserve and protect First Amendment freedoms through information and education.

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life seeks to promote a deeper understanding of how religion shapes the ideas and institutions of American society.

Religious Freedom Amendment
A fact sheet from the US House of Representatives.

What do the words of the First Amendment mean?
From the Freedom Forumís First Amendment Center, a nonpartisan center dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of the values of the First Amendment.


Religion and the Law
Featured Resources
Frontline: Let's Get Married
Companion site to the documentary which examines questions such as, should the government have an activist role in personal relationships? And does marriage, in fact, really matter?

NOW with Bill Moyers: Faith Based Initiatives
A background look at legislation permitting federal dollars to be awarded to religious institutions.

Online NewsHour: Church and State
Gwen Ifill discusses the separation of religion and state with Robert Schenck, president of the National Clergy council, and Barry Lynn, the executive director of American United for Separation of Church and State.

Online NewsHour: Fight for the Pledge
For two views on the debate over the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance, Jim Lehrer talks with Barry Lynn, president of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State; and Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, which is affiliated with the Christian coalition.

Related Resources
The Future of Marriage
As the debate over gay marriage heats up, this article examines the institution itself.

National Association of Evangelicals
NAE is a coordinating agency facilitating Christian unity, public witness, and cooperative ministry among evangelical denominations, congregations, educational institutions, and service agencies in the United States.

Not First Church and State Dispute
Some questions in the controversy over public displays of religious symbols.


The Politics of God
Featured PBS Resources
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly: On Prayer and Politics
An article by Robin Lovin about reconnecting prayer and politics in an election year.

Related Resources
Dean Wrestles with Religion on Campaign Trail
Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean, a New Englander reluctant to discuss religion on the campaign trail, is finding his voice in time for next month's critical contest in South Carolina where faith is an integral part of life and politics.

Europeans Puzzled by U.S. Mix of Faith, Politics
Europeans may have some problems grasping the ins and outs of American politics at the best of times, but the transatlantic gap never gets bigger than when candidates in the United States start talking about God.


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