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America at War - 6.29.04

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"The handling of the war in Iraq will have a major impact on my vote for President."

This discussion was active from June 29-July 8, 2004.
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Total # of Responses: 67 - 7/8/04
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Jim, AZ Agree

... an agenda that usurps American values ...

July 08,2004

Mr. Bush has an agenda that usurps American values and pulls the rug out from the ignorant that believe the words rather than the actions of this President and his "gang" of Greedy thugs.

Bill, OR Strongly Disagree

... I would never vote for him! ...

July 05,2004

The handling of the war is not going to change my feelings about Bush. I would never vote for him!

Joseph, GA Strongly Disagree

... Political Punch&Judy scam posing as choice ...

July 04,2004

Two distant cousins, Yaley Bonesmen, priveleged sons and whorish sycophants of CorporationAmerica running for prez. What are the odds for such a coincidence? Gimme a break from this Political Punch&Judy scam posing as choice.

Zina Rae B, CA Strongly Agree

... Bush, you will not be seeing my vote again. ...

July 04,2004

Republican? I am! But, Bush has lied to the American people and entering into this war was a vendetta for his father, a grab for oil, and to misdirect the American people away from the economy: but, Ol' Saddam did need to be removed. Pres. Bush, you will not be seeing my vote again. Another one-term president just like your father. America suffers once again!

Nick, MN Strongly Agree

... Bush's reckless adventurism ...

July 04,2004

Bush's reckless adventurism in Iraq has wrought incalculable damage to our economy, our standing in the world, and our future. I will do everything I can to see that he is voted out in November.

Tom, FL Strongly Agree

... Bush has done an absolutely amazing job ...

July 03,2004

I agree. President Bush has done an absolutely amazing job at leading our country through the past three years and deserves our confident vote to reelect him to another term.

Betsy, OT Strongly Agree

... Iraq has become a quagmire ...

July 02,2004

It is clear to me that Bush and his administration lied about the reasons for going to war. No WMD, no Al Queda links, no increased security or stability in the region = no vote for Bush! Iraq has become a quagmire that will be impossible for us to extract ourselves from without billions of dollars. As a taxpayer, I strongly resent having to fund this unnecessary war while conveniently lining the pockets of all the Bush and Cheney cronies at Halliburton.

Shellee, IA Strongly Agree

... he is leader who follows through ...

July 01,2004

Absolutely. His handling of the war proves to me he is leader who follows through with what he says he is going to do. He will have my vote come November.

Bill, FL Strongly Agree

... clean up the mess Clinton left us ...

July 01,2004

Bush must be re-elected. He has taken the last 4 years to clean up the mess Clinton left us. The recession started in the Last year of Clintons admin, the "Jimma" Carter mess with North Korea, the "Losing Ben Laden" attitude of Clinton, Janet Reno and Sandy Berger. Clinton did nothing is 8 years. He got credit for the economy while super taxing us, and fighting the Republican control over a balanced budget ammendment. The Econmony boomed in spite of Clinton not because of Clinton. That translates to Iraq. Bush finally is doing something. Bush has my vote because if Kerry is electd, the same Clintonesta advisors will advise Kerry just like they advised too do nothing before 911. Oh, yes the media is "talking down the Iraq War" as a part of an effort to give Kerry a chance. Prediction: Kerry wont et 8 States in the Electoral College because when it comes down to it Voters will remember 19 years of Kerry "do nothings" in the Senate.

Vicky J De, TN Strongly Agree

... Bush is the strong decisive leader we need ...

July 01,2004

The major political issue for me is safety from the Terrorist and I believe President George W. Bush is the strong decisive leader we need to fight the war against terrorism. He has my vote!

John, TN Agree

... incompetence demonstrated by the Bush administrati ...

June 30,2004

The level of incompetence demonstrated by the Bush administration to this point argues for their removal, even if you accept certain principles they claim to support.

Dawn Kelly, CA Strongly Disagree

... I do think that this war was to warn Bin Laden ...

June 30,2004

I watched this show today and I have to say that you two have your own view ,and it is not fair to protray a picture of your views at the end, as factual to us,but not as a fact. From Stating from your own lips that that 9-11 had nothing to do with this war is wrong.It is the fact that we went over to the middle east to get the Bad guy's.Yes, and free the people from Evil power.
The terrorist are from a land that we were fighting against. Remember they wanted to branch out as far as they could, and did 1993 at the world trade center basement and 9-11 2001.Guess what people, they got the job done that time, with Human being's in those four jumbo jets.I am from N.Y. and have friends in D.C and Penn.It is all the same effect of evil and wanting us all dead.The weapons are there in that mass desert ,or in another country sold , or hidden.Hint's of the truth will come when the trails start in Irag against Saddam and his officers.There was proof Saddam bought and had made and we blew up a lot in the past since the 91 war.He was making mass weapons , plus he used them on his own before.For what to get rid of them, no way he was testing them, not for the purpose he was waiting for.
It was a matter of time, and Irag's government was hoping we would be distrated by us searching for Bin Laden, and Saddam could go on killing and stealing , raping his people .If we did not stop him , tell me whom would have? Oh yes, not the French or others that took from Irag and the goods from the land and looked the other way to be in bed with Irag's power.How anyone could say we went to war over oil or otherwise is a wrong.We knew from the beginning that we might have lost the oil from the middle east.I have a brother in law in the oil business at the top , and worked directly with the middle east. He said that this could be it for years to come of getting anything from Irag if we went to war, and warned the companies.The Irag country with it's old power would rather blow the oil up than to allow us to buy oil from them.Hitler, would have taken over as well, if Russia and U.S. did not come in. Maybe Hitler killed and he had a lot of it filmed and written down, and Saddam just killed a lot of people and his own Son's in law for what? He did not film it, he just had them buried in mass graves, that we are still finding.So, should we stand by and wait for peace, or should we take a chance after we were attacked and get the scum out of power that hates us All in the U.S. The Terrorist even hate Michael Moore. Be aware of the spread of this new Socialist movement in the U.S .I am a Democrat, and I am voting for Bush this time for sure.He showed me his love for our world, not just country.I am so shocked at Democrates since Clinton and how we all believe him and his wife, we forgive his abuse in the D.C. as in Office as a world leader and our kids Moral Role.
P.Bush took the chance with war ,and fought hard to get it done as fast as possible with as little death as possible. Peace is all good, and only one way to gain peace is through Power in the right places to secure lands and get rid of Dictators that hate us and the world that is not like them.
My dad fought in the Korean war .He knows after being a p.o.w with broken bones after a crash, that those sort of people as Dictators do not care about anything , but the task at hand, Power and more power .Control, with no freedom or reasoning ,and no matter how they get it.He only got free because of our troops from our great Nation.
God Bless President Bush as he stepped into the Office of President for 9-11 to happen.What would you do, sing a tune go to a movie to see Socialist make his point at the expense of selling out our freedom as we know it.Be real you went on the air to be like Moore and sell your point of dis belief in our right to fight for our freedom and place in this world as a Super power that cares. Hey, you all whom believe in what Hitler told his people during his time in power, that is what they wanted to believe, it will all be alright if they did nothing as a people to stop Jews and Christians, Gay's,Actors, Artist from being dragged away in the night and lined up as cattle in trains to death camps .It was for the good of Germany and that lie was what they turned their heads as Hitler was in power.
Moore is a spin master of truth and lies.He got his stories from the New York times and L.a.Times and he thinks they are honest points of views.He sat on facts of mistreatment in Irag of the men there, for the sake of his movie coming out.That must be a crime?If I stood by and knew of such things and did not come forward, I would go to jail for obstruction of the truth.Bryant asked if his partner saw Moores movie, and she did and they seem to think it was a master piece, so did the Geramans at one time as well.It is spinning it with a twist of truth here and there. With big money to back it up.Not the little guy, the big movie and stars a

Wayne, OH Strongly Disagree

... To say there was no threat in Iraq ignores over te ...

June 30,2004

The UN and the rest of the world agreed that WMD were there. He had even used them on his own people and on Iran in Iraq-Iran war. To say there was no threat in Iraq ignores over ten years of sactions and turns a deaf ear to the evidence at the time.

Rolly, IA Strongly Agree

... The war on Terrorism is my focus ...

June 30,2004

The war on Terrorism is my focus. The original rationale was good for entering Iraq. I'm surprised to hear of all the americans that have lost focus on the big picture. (providing they knew what it was to begin with)

Lane, WA Strongly Disagree

... the emperor needs to put his clothes on ...

June 30,2004

No way. It's clear enough without Iraq that the emperor needs to put his clothes on and go back to cutting creepy little corporate deals with his creepy little buddies.

Duane, ID Strongly Agree

... Where is the outrage? ...

June 30,2004

clinton lied and monika had a stain on her dress and the media goes wild?Bush lied and 900 dead americans and counting and the media wants to be suppotive the wmds lie was out long before the war and the media suppressed it too.Where is the outrage?????

Elizabeth, DC Strongly Agree

... at some point we need to get past "liking" decis ...

June 30,2004

I am saddened by the people in this forum who support Bush simply because he exudes a forcefulness or decisiveness that they admire. I know many Americans feel that Democrats dwell too much in the nuances and intricacies of issues without taking decisive action. To me that is a preference for one leadership style over another, which is valid. But at some point we need to get past "liking" decisiveness or "liking" a more intellectual approach, and look at the actual results of our president's leadership style. Even if you are glad to have a president you see as strong, are you really glad that he lied to us about the supposed justification for going to war? Going to war under false pretenses makes us look weak. It weakens our ability to forge alliances that advance the things we believe in, and the kind of world we want to live in. It is unsafe to say "oh well, the world's better without Saddam Hussein" - the world would be better without a lot of its dictators, but unless our foreign policy is to unilaterally depose all dictators, then that doesn't justify what happened in Iraq.

Ann, IL Strongly Agree

... The war is my priority issue ...

June 30,2004

The war is my priority issue

Brian, WA Strongly Agree

... The alliance with Al Qaeda was not strong but was ...

June 30,2004

Al Qaeda wanted 50,000 deaths from the WTC and Pentagon murders, not 3,000. If they'd had a nuke or a pipe bomb wrapped in lower grade radioactive material, they would have used it. That, fellow Americans, is an IMMINENT THREAT. There is no limit to how many "inifidels" they want to kill. As Al Gore, Clinton, former Sec Def Cohen, Richard Clarke have all said repeatedly, Saddam was a supporter of many terrorist activities. The alliance with Al Qaeda was not strong, but after 9-11, was likely to grow. Why wait for it? Why allow an insane dictator to foster the relationship with mountains of evidence that he was continuing to seek WMD?
I think the paci-fascists (not all antiwar protestors) of this country don't hate Bush because of the war, they hate the war because of Bush. They're siding with Saddam over our own govt!!!
Of course, these same types supported the French and Cuban revolutions, so it isn't about war and killing, it's all about class warfare: they see Bush as the elite and that negates all other issues.

David, MN Strongly Agree

... time will prove that America did the right thing, ...

June 30,2004

Yes, the French and Germans lied to us about their involvement with Iraq and so the US was lied to about the war...by our sometime allies. I think also that time will prove that America did the right thing, not perfectly, but our values of freedom are right for all people everywhere. Unfortunately, individuals in the Middle East will have to become more responsible to be able to self-govern, even as our founding fathers are quoted as saying. Failures like this within civilizations do lead to war. Perhaps that is what al qaeda saw in us, the perverse, West-Coast version of America being exported shamelessly to the world. For that I express my remorse to the Muslim world. And I believe President Bush agrees with this principle. I thank God for his leadership.

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