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August 21, 1936
Robert K. Mosher: Kaufmann’s Bear Run Camp: Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania

Dear Bob:

n discussing matters with our client it is well to have in mind the motif of the building—that is to say the reason why it is as it is.

We got down into that glen to associate directly with the stream and planned the house for that association. Hence the steps from living room to stream, I intended to deepen the stream for a swimming pool under the house at the foot of these steps. With artificial collateral pools will look foolish.

Again the main floor is a projecting balcony over the stream. To put stairs from the balcony to the ground robs the balcony of any character or romance as such.

The stone work was intended to blend with that of the glen. But the walls built before we got there do not. The later work on the big chimney pier does so. Something must be done to the corner of the bridge and collateral piers to change the scale. I can knock off stickouts to help get the effect when I come down but we will have to set in a chunk or two here and there.


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