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Letter to Hilla Rebay, Curator, Guggenheim Collection
January 20, 1944

Dear Hilla:

museum should be one extended expansive well proportioned floor space from bottom to top—a wheel chair going around and up and down, through-out. No stops anywhere and such screened divisions of the space gloriously lit within from above as would deal appropriately with every group of paintings or individual paintings as you might went them classified.

The atmosphere of the whole should be luminous from bright to dark—anywhere desired: a great calm and breadth pervading the whole place, etc., etc.

There should be no “stuffs”—either curtains or carpets. For floors either cork or rubber tiling, etc., etc.

Much crystal—much greenery about. No distracting detail anywhere.

In short, a creation which does not yet exist.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

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