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fter years of criticizing New York City’s prevailing modernist buildings Wright was granted an opportunity he had always craved—to design a museum in New York City. It took 13 years and more than $2 million to build the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Despite failing eyesight, Wright lived to finish the design, but the building wasn’t completed until after his death.

In 1959, David Wright delivered the news that his father’s first wife, Kitty, had died. Shortly thereafter on April 9, 1959, at 92, Wright underwent intestinal surgery and died within a few days. At his funeral, a horse and wagon carried Wright’s body from the service to the grave, as they had done at Mamah Cheney's funeral 45 years earlier. He was buried near Taliesin III in Wisconsin within yards of Mamah Cheney and not far from his mother. Olgivanna died in 1985. Her dying wish was that she would be laid to rest at Taliesin West with Wright by her side. Her followers secretly exhumed Wright’s body, had it cremated and brought the ashes to Arizona where they now rest next to hers in a garden wall.

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