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wright at the time

okyo’s Imperial Hotel marked a new beginning for Wright, who had suffered great tragedy before landing this international commission. When Kitty finally granted Wright a divorce in 1923, he promptly married Miriam Noel, who turned out to be a schizophrenic alcoholic and morphine addict. Noel threatened him with a knife before walking out of his life early the next year.

Though Wright had developed a heroic reputation due to the fact that his 1923 Imperial Hotel had survived a massive Tokyo earthquake, he suffered professionally. His few commissions, houses in Southern California, were beset with costly defects. Potential clients were deterred by his personal reputation.

Wright fell in love again with 26 year old Olgivanna Ivanova Milanor Hinzenberg. He was 55 years old. After Miriam granted a divorce, he married Olgivanna and moved into the third Taliesin; the house had been twice ravaged by fire.

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