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An Autobiography
By Frank Lloyd Wright

here may be other breaks for a fast, but none so far as I know, like a Taliesin breakfast on any one of Taliesin’s seven terraces, the one where the view is best or the sun is right, or the one where the wind is most agreeable, or where all are right together. Light early supper, early to bed the night before, are the conditions on which digestion is willing and happy to break-fast. Push the button of the Capehart as you pass? Haydn pouring from the built-in speaker over the hill garden this morning. But, fresh as dew themselves, the breezes are blowing the scent of sloping clover fields over our way, birds in the tree-tops below are singing as though delirious with joy, perhaps nothing at all is best. Yes, it is. Let’s sit down (ourselves fresh) in comfort to a wide well-spread tastefully set low table, ample cloth of Chinese linen fancifully colored and great big napkins to match, big enough to tuck into the neckband and spread all over whatever it is you wear for breakfast. This morning Alec (Woollcott) wears dark-blue silk pyjamas, belted coat to match, large white polka dots the size of a dime sprinkled all over his person.

Olgivanna, picturesque in a big hat tied on her head with strings under her chin, to shut out the sun which was shining in everybody else’s eyes, presides over all. Olgivanna fluffs out, coming on the breeze already dressed for school and sits down opposite. Because both of them like Alec, Svetlana, wearing bright slacks, bright ribbons perched in splendid dark blowing hair, and Wes come in for this occasion.

Me? Oh, I have on raw linen. Loose wide-sleeved jacket buttoned at the wrist, wide baggy trousers tied close around the ankles. Carl (Sandburg) once visited me when he was working on his “Lincoln.” I dressed him up in similar style. Lloyd Lewis was there and got a good “shot” of us in the artistic semi-elegant negligee. For years Carl has been trying to buy that picture from Lloyd for fear someone will see it! Well, anyway, that is what I have on.

Everybody wishes everybody an affectionate “good morning” as we finally draw up to the table.

First, we all look around and listen, then look again.

© Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

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