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The Capital Times, February 17, 1932
“Functionisitic Architecture” (MOMA show)

y a curious congestion of the art calendar all the museums in town put on a sort of Armageddon for critics and public as well. Of them all, the show of modernistic architecture, at the Modern Museum, is the most constructive and exciting. It will be much discussed and it will have consequences visible to the community.

It emphasizes the five architects who have had most to do with sounding the contemporary note. These men are Frank Lloyd Wright American; Walter Gorpius and Mies van der Rohe of Germany, LeCorbusier of France and J.J.P. Oud of Holland. Wright and LeCorbusier have already fascinated the attention of American amateurs. The other three architects will now become equally well known here. A guiding principle, more or less common to all of them, is that use and practicality shall compel all the architect’s procedures. Another contention is that new methods of living imply new necessities of architecture and the use of the newly invented or newly perfected materials enables the designer to meet these necessities. Still another is the proud boast that this marvelously scientific era has the right to express itself in terms commensurate with all of its other activities. It is this last idea, it is needless to say, that gives the style its strong appeal to the young, for all of them insist upon making the world over to suit themselves.


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