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Kaufmann House

The California School

rank Lloyd Wright’s work was important for the careers of many young architects who studied with him at Taliesin. Students came to his school from all over the United States, Europe, and Japan, helping to dispense his ideas when the students returned to their countries. Two of Wright’s students settled in California where they set up a practice together and followed others, like Wright, in the search for a regional California style.

Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler worked together for several years before they split their partnership to pursue individual careers. Austrian by birth, both men had moved to California in the early 1920’s where they saw an opportunity to develop a new architecture that could address the unique culture of California.

Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House of 1946-47, in Palm Springs, California, sits low on the desert horizon. The family, who were Frank Lloyd Wright’s clients for Fallingwater, were interested in a home with a similarly inspiring relationship to nature. The walls of this house open onto the landscape with successive planes of glass, so that the line between indoor and outdoor space becomes blurred.

Pictured: Kaufmann House, 1947, Palm Springs, California

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