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usonian house

e called his modest house “Usonian,” after the United States. It was a single story built on a monolithic concrete slab and joined to a carport and not a garage. Wright believed that it could be replicated all across the country.

His main desire, which no contemporary architects pay any attention to whatever, is shelter for ordinary people...he got it down at one point in 1940 to $5000 per house for a family with children and a kitchen and gardens...and openness and a real milieu in which it was a highly civilized way to live. He thought about it all the time; he took commissions from the poor as well as from the rich, something unheard of in 1995, 1996...We’re not like that anymore and this was very important in...any appraisal of what his work represents because he hasn’t had the following that he should have had in respect to shelter.—Brendan Gill, Writer

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