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usonia house: exterior
usonian house

e always felt that maybe [Usonian] was a system, construction system, which the ordinary person could use. They could go to the lumber yard, or the building material yards, pick up the concrete blocks, and they would have a concrete man lay the foundation and a mason set the first course of block. And then after that, they would stack them like building blocks, like a child would.

usonian house

And then you put steel rods in-between the blocks and pour the grout. You didn’t have to strike a mortar joint as you do with regular concrete block. You just stack the blocks and then pour the grout in-between... he had started that system way back in 1922 in California, and here he was in 1956 still working with that system. In fact, right up to his death in 1959.—Eric Lloyd Wright, Grandson

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