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“Once organic character is achieved in the work of Art, that work is forever. Like sun, moon, and stars, great trees, flowers and grass it is and stays on while and wherever man is.”—Frank Lloyd Wright

“What Wright does in his architecture is make poetry. He makes images that people can relate to and he makes buildings that celebrate the various purposes for which they were designed.”—Neil Levine

We asked young writers around the country to submit haiku connected to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Haiku, like Wright’s work, is a poetic expression of our relationship to nature and the seasonal cycles of life.

We hope you enjoy this gallery of student work submitted in the months following this site's launch. You may learn more about haikus with the lesson plan “The Poetry of Form: Frank Lloyd Wright and Haiku.

On the Guggenheim
Snail in morning shell
Sidewalk spirals stretching up
Quivering delight.
Brian, Virginia

On the Guggenheim
White clay pot in the middle of the City.
Drawing rays from the sun, that increase dignity.
In a strange way, we all can feel its warmth.
To some it represents shelter from the storm.
To some it's another indication of the norm.
Barton, New York

On Taliesin
Perfect paradise
brought you sudden tragedy
to bring us rebirth.
Kelly, New Jersey

On Taliesin
I will rebuild you
After my open sore has healed
And you will live on.
Kelli, New Jersey

On Taliesin West
Sentinel cactus
Kept watch as the visions streamed
From Taliesin's walls.
Elizabeth, California

On S.C. Johnson Wax
Lilypads in pond
Swimmers underneath can hear
A giant frog burp.
Samantha, 9, Texas

On S.C. Johnson Wax
Sunlight arcs over
The pillars that reach
Infinity's suggestion.
Edwin, California

On The Larkin Building
Steel and artistry
Meshing into one Building
A Cathedral Stands
Felicity, Tennessee

On Fallingwater
The water rushes
Below my feet, bringing life
To my barren heart.
Kelli, New Jersey

On Fallingwater
Flowing with silence
Creating an aura of peace
Rolling through my mind
Sandy, New Jersey

On Fallingwater
Cold droplets on glass
Rushing waters fed by snow
House embraces stream
Cindy, California

On Fallingwater
As the water falls
Wonderful sounds fill the air
And put you to sleep
Katherine, California

On Fallingwater
Clear water hanging
Over jagged rocks falling
From the peaceful house.
Kelly, New Jersey

On Fallingwater
Water is Earths blood
Through vein like rivers it flows
To Falling Waters
Nate, California

a house the other day
wore the bright bold
colors of leaves in the fall
Samantha, Maine

cool streams flow
over many streams
over many eyes
Katie, Maine

Glacial carved granite
Barriers of trees, stand guard
Behold natures power
Nate, California