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This timeline provides a big picture view of historically significant people, events and data from "The First Measured Century."

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Significant People, Events and Data Prior to 1900


timeline Garfield Boas Addams Turner Goddard Davenport Lathrop Lynds Hoover Gallup Kinsey Friedan Moynihan Coleman Middletown III Wilson Middletown IV Wattenberg Immigration Hollerith Machine Chicago Melting Pot WWI Sheppard-Towner Immigration Laws Stock Market Crash Depression 1936 Election WWII Civil Rights Deregulation Goldilocks Economy 1890 Census Infant Mortality Depression Indicators African Americans Women Standard of Living Baby Boom Suburbs Sex Professional Women Inflation Airfares Stock Market Crime Middletown IV Hull House Foreign Born Auto Growth Boas Study Middletown Social Trends Middletown II Great Disruption Middletown III Kahn Volcker Frontier Essay Cities Exec Order 8802 1948 Election Timeline  

Early Uses of Data


Measuring America: Middletown and More


Magnitudes of Measurement


Social Movements


Changes in the American Economy


Comparing America over Time: Middletown III and IV and "The First Measured Century"


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