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  Chicago World's Fair
  Turner Frontier Essay
  Growth of Cities
  The Melting Pot
  World War I
  Sheppard-Towner Act
  Immigration Laws
  Stock Market Crash
  Great Depression
  1936 Election
  World War II
  Executive Order 8802
  1948 Election
  Civil Rights Act
  "Goldilocks" Economy
  Census 2000

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Chicago World's Fair

1893 - The four hundredth anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World was celebrated in Chicago with an enormous fair. Known as the Chicago World’s Fair, or the World Columbian Exhibition, this gigantic gathering of displays and events was intended to showcase the great future being provided by technology and science, especially the new science of statistics.

Chicago World's Fair

Measurement was all the rage at the Fair. For example, statues of the ideal man and ideal woman had been carved to match the average measurements taken from thousands of actual college students.

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     Photo Credits:
   Chicago World's Fair. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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