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Image from the opening graphics for FRONTLINE/World
Image from the opening graphics for FRONTLINE/World

Reporters' Stories
Read behind-the-scenes reporting and experience the story through the eyes of FRONTLINE/World reporters and producers.

Marian Marzynski

Interview with Marian Marzynski: A Marriage of Film and Music
Frontline/World filmmaker Marian Marzynski talks about his approach to documentaries and the delight of making a film about the music of Poland's most illustrious son.

Joe Rubin

Reporter's Diary: Bosnian Journal
Frontline/World producer Joe Rubin shares his notes from the road about the ghosts of war.

Gwynne Roberts

Interview with Gwynne Roberts: Reporting on the Kurds
Gwynne Roberts talks with FRONTLINE/World Series Editor Stephen Talbot about the film and his long career making documentaries about the Arab world.

Darren Foster

Reporter's Diary: Amazon Journal
Go behind the scenes with FRONTLINE/World producer/cameraman Darren Foster as he enters a tribal reserve deep in the Amazon.

Paul Kenyon

Interview with Paul Kenyon: Searching for Secrets
FRONTLINE/World and BBC reporter Paul Kenyon traveled deep into Iran with U.N. inspectors to uncover the secrets of Iran's most sensitive nuclear facilities. He spoke by phone with FRONTLINE/World Web site editor Sara Miles about diplomacy, deception and his own detention by Iranian security forces.

Macarena Hernández

Interview with Macarena Hernández: A Reporter Returns to Her Roots
FRONTLINE/World reporter Macarena Del Rocio Hernández traveled far into the dusty Chihuahuan desert to bring back the story of the reborn village of Mata Ortiz. The child of immigrants herself, Hernández talked with Web site editor Sara Miles about meeting the families who stayed on.

Serene Fang

Interview With Serene Fang: Secret Meetings and an Unexpected Arrest
FRONTLINE/World reporter Serene Fang found herself covering the arrest of a Uighur citizen when she traveled to the remote northwest Xinjiang province in China. Read more about the background of Uighur nationalism, their meeting -- and his disappearance.

Amy Costello

Interview With Amy Costello: Witness to a Crisis
FRONTLINE/World reporter Amy Costello talks about the frustrations of aid workers, reporters and the international community -- and why she feels compelled to tell the story of Darfur's tragedy.

Nguyen Qui Duc

Reporter's Slideshow: Bright Lights, Big City
Prowl the streets of the Shanghai underground with FRONTLINE/World reporter Nguyen Qui Duc and club diva Mian Mian.

Claudine LoMonaco and Mary Spicuzza

Interview with Claudine LoMonaco and Mary Spicuzza: A Desperate Journey
Producer/reporters for FRONTLINE/World's "A Death in the Desert" talk about the underground economy of migrant workers, the border police and their own encounters with smugglers whose contraband is human beings.

Raney Aronson

Interview With Raney Aronson: Red-Light Reporting
Read FRONTLINE/World reporter Raney Aronson's thoughts on filming "The Sex Workers" story at night in brothels and on the streets of Calcutta.

Cassandra Herrman and Alexis Bloom

Interview With Alexis Bloom and Cassandra Herrman: High-Altitude Women
FRONTLINE/World reporter and co-producer Alexis Bloom and co-producer Cassandra Herrman talk about trying to keep up with Kenyan women runners -- by car.

Petr Lom

Interview With Petr Lom: Marriage by Abduction
FRONTLINE/World reporter Petr Lom reflects on why bride kidnappings are on the rise, on the ethics of witnessing abductions and on being 6 feet 8 inches tall in Central Asia.

Sharmeen Obaid

Interview With Sharmeen Obaid: The Brink of Peace
FRONTLINE/World's Sharmeen Obaid talks about growing up progressive and Muslim, talking cricket with fundamentalists, and interviewing an underground fighter by candlelight.

Marco Werman

Reporter's Scrapbook: Follow the Beat
See Belize through the eyes of FRONTLINE/World and PRI's The World reporter Marco Werman in this slideshow of his personal digital photos taken while covering "The Exile's Song."

Mark Schapiro

Interview With Mark Schapiro: Troubled Waters
FRONTLINE/World reporter Mark Schapiro talks about the world of international shipping and how he uncovered inside documents that helped him penetrate a secretive global industry.

Jane Kokan

Interview With Jane Kokan: Undercover With the Underground
FRONTLINE/World reporter Jane Kokan talks about trust, risk, and clandestinely filming the story that got her colleague beaten to death.

Sabrina Tavernise

Reporter's Notebook: Examining the Young and the Restless
Read two of Sabrina Tavernise's New York Times articles: "Russia's New Rich Are Living It Up, but Oligarchs' Children Wonder: How Long Will it Last" and "To Young, a Russian Enclave Is Too Much the Old Country," as well as an interview with her about Moscow life, money and corruption.

Brian Knappenberger

Reporter's Slideshow: Behind the Lens
Dining with armed guards, drinking milk from a Taliban cow, and arriving in Kandahar just after an assassination attempt -- find out what FRONTLINE/World videographer Brian Knappenberger was thinking.

Arun Rath

Interview with Arun Rath: Confronting New Myths
FRONTLINE/World reporter Arun Rath, an Indian-American journalist, was in New York during the 2001 terrorist attacks and he directed special coverage of the aftermath for National Public Radio. As he set off to his father's home country on a through-the-looking-glass journey, Rath felt "alien and familiar at the same time."

Renata Simone

Interview With Renata Simone: On the Trail of a Killer
FRONTLINE/World reporter Renata Simone has covered the spread of AIDS around the world. That turned out to be exactly the right preparation for covering SARS.

Juan Forero
Reporter's Notebook: Dateline Caracas
While reporting "A Nation On Edge" for FRONTLINE/World, Juan Forero also was writing for The New York Times. Read his dispatches on martyrs, poverty and the political crisis.
Orlando de Guzman

Reporter's Diary: On the Front Lines in Mindanao
In a war where guerrillas send messages by cellphone, PRI World reporter Orlando de Guzman finds a mix of ancient warrior heritage and modern pop culture. Read more about his journey for FRONTLINE/World through a jungle camp of Muslim insurgents.

Marco Werman

Interview With Marco Werman: In the Mix
Get the inside scoop on PRI World reporter Marco Werman's trip to Marseilles for FRONTLINE/World and his experiences behind the scenes with musician Maurice El Medioni, traipsing from clubs to city streets to synagogue.

Nguyen Qui Duc
Interview With Nguyen Qui Duc: Between the Lines
Hear open, honest dialogue about the fine lines between communism, capitalism, censorship and corruption and how "real business" gets done in Vietnam in this interview with FRONTLINE/World reporter Nguyen Qui Duc.
Sam Kiley
Interview With Sam Kiley : The Costs of War
Read FRONTLINE/World reporter Sam Kiley's harrowing account of kidnapping and near execution while reporting from Iraq. Get his take on the story, and find out what he is willing to risk--and not risk--to tell it.
Sapana Sakya

Interview With Sapana Sakya: The Long Climb Up
FRONTLINE/World co-producer Sapana Sakya, who accompanied the Sherpa women's team, talks about ambition, altitude sickness and the changing role of women in Nepal.

Sam Quoinones
Interview With Sam Quinones: Covering Bitter Grounds
FRONTLINE/World correspondent Sam Quinones, a reporter based in Mexico City, says he thinks that indigenous people need "not less globalization, but more."
David Lewis
Interview with David Lewis: Negotiating with Hezbollah
FRONTLINE/World correspondent David Lewis had to haggle for access -- then stand his ground -- in order to document what he calls "the different faces" of Hezbollah.
Patricia Naylor
Interview With Patricia Naylor: When Journalists Become Targets
FRONTLINE/World's Patricia Naylor says that reporting this story was "the most dangerous thing she's ever done." Read about her background in the region and her take on the people and events profiled.
Marco Werman
Reporter's Notebook: World Music's Global Reach
Read PRI World reporter Marco Werman's essay for FRONTLINE/World, in which he speculates that Iceland's dramatic mix of cold moonscape, long nights and vast stores of geothermal energy is what fuels production of such distinctive sounds.
Ben Anderson NORTH KOREA
Interview With Ben Anderson: Versions of the Truth
Listen in as FRONTLINE/World reporter Ben Anderson of the BBC comments on the biggest lesson he learned in North Korea: "Everything that one side accuses an enemy of -- you can be fairly certain he's doing it himself."
Sam Kiley
Interview with Sam Kiley: Undercover in Iraq
FRONTLINE/World reporter Sam Kiley reveals what it's like trying to gather facts inside an Orwellian state in a candid after-the-fact telephone interview with series editor Stephen Talbot.
School girls gather around "The Hole In The Wall"
Reporter's Notebook: Making the Connection
FRONTLINE/World reporter Rory O'Connor describes his meeting with Dr. Sugata Mitra, founder of the Hole in the Wall project in India, and relays some of the technical details of the experiment -- all in the midst of 118 degrees Fahrenheit.
Andrei Codrescu
Interview with Andrei Codrescu: On the Road in Romania
FRONTLINE/World reporter Andrei Codrescu talks about vampires, gypsies, spies, and the country he describes as "hodgepodge, improvised, wild, dangerous and possibly fun."
Amanda Pike
Reporter's Diary: In Search of Justice
Go behind the scenes with FRONTLINE/World's Amanda Pike in this interactive journey. See slide shows of Phnom Penh, visit Tuol Sleng Museum and meet Brother Number Two.
Alexis Bloom
Reporter's Notebook: Journey to the Hidden Kingdom
"When I heard the news that the tube had fizzed to life in Bhutan," writes Alexis Bloom, FRONTLINE/World co-producer of "The Last Place," "I knew the kingdom was on the verge of irrevocable change. Could MTV and Buddhism make comfortable bedfellows?"
Joe Rubin
Reporter's Diary: 34 Days in Sri Lanka
On his second day in Colombo, FRONTLINE/World reporter Joe Rubin found himself in a street strewn with body parts. Read excerpts from his e-mail diary as he encounters the violent yet beautiful world of Sri Lanka.

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