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Prison State Prison StateEncore PresentationJune 9th An intimate look at the cycle of mass incarceration in America -- and one state's effort to reverse the trend.
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Obama at War Inside the Obama administration’s struggle to deal with ISIS and the deadly civil war in Syria.


Obama at WarMay. 26, 2015 / 54:14FRONTLINE goes inside the Obama administration's struggle to deal with ISIS and the deadly civil war in Syria.Watch Now »
Secrets, Politics and TortureMay. 19, 2015 / 54:30The dramatic story of the fight over the CIA's controversial interrogation methods, widely criticized as torture. Watch Now »
The Trouble with ChickenMay. 12, 2015 / 53:46FRONTLINE investigates the spread of dangerous pathogens in our poultry, and why the food-safety system isn't stopping the threat. Watch Now »
OutbreakMay. 5, 2015 / 54:16The vivid, inside story of how the Ebola outbreak began, and why it wasn't stopped before it was too late. Watch Now »
American TerroristApr. 21, 2015 / 1:23:46How secret electronic surveillance missed catching the Mumbai plotters -- and how American-born David Coleman Headley planned another Charlie Hebdo-like assault against a Danish newspaper.Watch Now »
Memory of the CampsApr. 14, 2015 / 57:32
Encore PresentationNo one who has seen this documentary can ever forget it . One critic said it has the power "to shake the soul."Watch Now »
The Fight for YemenApr. 7, 2015 / 54:34With Yemen in chaos, a gripping report from the heart of the escalating conflict. Watch Now »
The Vaccine WarMar. 24, 2015 / 53:41
Encore PresentationInside the raging debate: parents' right to make choices versus the needs of a community. Watch Now »
The Rise of ISISMar. 17, 2015 / 53:41
Encore PresentationFRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith reports from Iraq on the miscalculations and mistakes behind the brutal rise of ISIS. Watch Now »
Being MortalFeb. 10, 2015 / 54:11FRONTLINE follows renowned writer and surgeon Atul Gawande as he explores the relationships doctors have with patients who are nearing the end of life. Watch Now »
Firestone and the WarlordFeb. 3, 2015 / 1:23:40
Encore PresentationWhat are the costs of doing business in a war zone? FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate the relationship between Firestone and the infamous Liberian warlord Charles Taylor. Watch Now »
League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion CrisisJan. 20, 2015 / 1:53:41
Encore PresentationWhat did the NFL know, and when did they know it? FRONTLINE reveals the hidden story of the NFL and brain injuries.Watch Now »
Putin's WayJan. 13, 2015 / 53:41FRONTLINE investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin's reign in Russia. Watch Now »
Gunned Down: The Power of the NRAJan. 6, 2015 / 54:10FRONTLINE investigates the politics and the power of the NRA.Watch Now »
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians (Part Two)Dec. 30, 2014 / 1:50:44
Encore PresentationThe story of the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity. Said one critic: " It's a revelation of what television can be."Watch Now »
From Jesus to Christ: The First ChristiansDec. 23, 2014 / 1:50:44
Encore PresentationThe story of the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity. Said one critic: " It's a revelation of what television can be."Watch Now »
Stickup KidDec. 17, 2014 / 28:18What happens when we lock up juvenile offenders in adult prisons? A FRONTLINE digital-exclusive film.Watch Now »
The Madoff AffairDec. 9, 2014 / 55:01
Encore PresentationInside the world's first global Ponzi scheme, and how he got away with it for so long...Watch Now »
Firestone and the WarlordNov. 18, 2014 / 1:23:40What are the costs of doing business in a war zone? FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate the relationship between Firestone and the infamous Liberian warlord Charles Taylor. Watch Now »
Solitary NationNov. 4, 2014 / 53:40
Encore PresentationWith unprecedented access, FRONTLINE shows you what it's really like for prisoners who are serving time in solitary confinement.Watch Now »


Criminal Justice
Cleveland’s Second Chance at Police Reform

This week marks the second time the DOJ has struck an agreement with Cleveland. Will these reforms last? Read more

WATCH: Pentagon Had No Plan for When ISIS Took Mosul, Dempsey Says

The Pentagon had no contingency plan in place when ISIS seized control of Iraq's second largest city in 2014, says Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, in an interview for the new FRONTLINE documentary "Obama at War." Read more

“The President Blinked”: Why Obama Changed Course on the “Red Line” in Syria

When a chemical weapons attack struck near Damascus in 2013, "our finger was on the trigger" to start airstrikes, Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, tells FRONTLINE. But then, the president had second thoughts. Read more

FDA Plan Would Offer Clearer Picture of Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

The FDA currently publishes information on how many antibiotics are sold to farms. It now wants more information on which species they're going to. Read more

Why You Never Saw The CIA’s Interrogation Tapes

When videotapes depicting "enhanced interrogations" of two Al Qaeda suspects in CIA detention were destroyed, even the agency's own lawyer says he was shocked. Read more

How the Military Retaliates Against Sexual Assault Victims

 In the military, reporting a rape can mean the end of your career and even threats to your life, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch. Read more

WATCH: How the CIA Helped Make “Zero Dark Thirty”

The blockbuster reflected the CIA's narrative that "enhanced interrogation techniques" -- widely criticized as torture -- were key in finding and killing Osama bin Laden. But was that version of history true? Read more

Five Salmonella Outbreaks Food Inspectors Didn’t See Coming

Federal regulators are inside every meat and poultry processing plant in this country. But their efforts failed to identify serious salmonella problems in the lead up to these six major poultry outbreaks. Read more

Lawmakers Push Two Food Safety Bills After FRONTLINE Investigation

Lawmakers in both the House and Senate introduced bills to strengthen the USDA's authority to protect consumers from contaminated meat and poultry. Read more

What Happens After a Foodborne Illness Outbreak?

When an outbreak happens, it usually falls to the FDA or the USDA to ensure the contaminated food isn't entering the market. What are their options? Read more

News on the Future of FRONTLINE

Raney Aronson will become the new executive producer of FRONTLINE, succeeding David Fanning, who founded the award-winning investigative documentary series and is stepping away after three decades. Read more

Are You Handling Raw Chicken The Wrong Way?

A recent study found that while preparing to cook their chicken, people often make mistakes that can lead to them unknowingly contaminating their kitchen. Read more

Why That Ground Chicken Burger May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

Ground chicken may be healthier than ground beef, but there's also a downside -- specifically, heightened odds of salmonella poisoning and large-scale outbreaks. Read more

WATCH: When It Comes to Food Safety, How a Whole Chicken Differs From the Sum of Its Parts

Eighty percent of chicken sold today has been cut up into parts -- a process that can release salmonella buried in the skin. But government inspections mainly focus on whole chickens. Read more

FRONTLINE Wins Two Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards

"Solitary Nation," a documentary about the raw reality of life in solitary confinement, and "Firestone and the Warlord," an investigation of the iconic tire company's secret history in Liberia — have won 2015 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards. Read more

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