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GUATEMALA: Toward Justice, December 2004
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GUATEMALA: Toward Justice

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Chapter 1:  A Mass for the Murdered Chapter 2:  To the Promised Land FRONTLINE/World Fellow Brent McDonald
Chapter 3:  War Finds Paradise Chapter 4:  Rough Justice
Chapter 5:  Resurrecting Memories of War
Chapter 6:  An Apology for One

MapIn the spring of 2004, FRONTLINE/World Fellow Brent McDonald followed Berkeley anthropologist Beatriz Manz to Central America to uncover the history of a village that was caught in the crossfire of Guatemala's civil war. Two decades after a brutal government massacre, the people of Santa Maria Tzejá are still coping with the legacy of violence and the return of those who had fled to Mexico. Their plight has drawn the attention of Guatemala's new government, which is trying to acknowledge a painful past and reconcile a divided population. Watch this story unfold in six short videos, as McDonald makes his journey of discovery.

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Producer: Angela Morgenstern; Designed by: Susan Harris, Fluent Studios; see full web credits.

This report was inspired by the book "Paradise in Ashes: A Guatemalan Journey of Courage, Terror and Hope," written by Beatriz Manz and published in 2004 by UC Press.

Some music provided courtesy of the public radio series "Despues De Las Guerras: Central America After the Wars" produced by GraciasVida Productions and funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. To find out more about the series and its coverage of how Central Americans are faring in the years after the the bloody conflicts of the 1980's. Visit the series site.

Some photographs courtesy of Ken Silverman and Father Luis Gurriaran Lopez.

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