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France: PLAY IT AGAIN, MAURICE, May 2003



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Deborah Anderson - LaGrange, Illinois
I wish it were that simple to reconcile the Arabs and the Jews but it is not. The crisis in the Middle East make it difficult for people to realize that both cultures are wonderful and have so much to give to the world-wide community. I applaud a Jew who, in his youth reached out to Arabs through his music. When we appreciate the beauty of mankind through the arts we truly are one. I loved his music.

Lucy Fox - Montgomery, New York
I thought his music was wonderful. It was too bad the segment wasn't long enough. I tried to order the music and had no luck but I will search and try to order again. I believe music can bring people together. Arabs and Jews are cousins and we act that way. I do applaud Maurice for his efforts.

Anonymous Selma, California
This story as well as many other stories you feature on Frontline World is great. I often tire of watching the news and wondering what is going on in the rest of the world. It is wonderful to hear individual stories from real people. As far as music like Maurice El Medioni's helping reconcile Jews and Arabs... Let me put it this way, imagine what would the situation between Jews and Arabs be like if they did not have something in common? What if they shared nothing? Maurice said that his Arab band members accepted him and treated him like a brother because of his love for music. Would they have treated him similarly if music was not his life? In order for two peoples to get along in the midst of conflict they must share something. Whether it be a common goal, belief, or passion.