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CHINA - Shanghai Nights, June 2004

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China has the second-largest economy in the world, with annual revenues of $224 billion; U.S. retailer Wal-Mart has annual revenues of $256 billion.

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Learn more about Shanghai's first sex museum, its avant-garde Chinese art and its youth culture. read more

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The Story
Shanghai resident Kika smiles.
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Video Length: 12:06

FRONTLINE/World reporter and KQED Pacific Time host Nguyen Qui Duc visits a changing boomtown on the edge of China's cultural frontier. Explore Shanghai's restless youth culture with pop novelist and literary "bad girl" Mian Mian, whose writing about sex, drugs and music rocked a generation. read more

Notorious Writer, Forbidden Stories
Rock and Roll Romance

"...That bar was painfully tacky and blazing with yellow lights that shone brightly on every sleazy detail...". Read excerpts from Mian Mian's Candy, the scandalous best-seller banned by Chinese authorities.

Reporter's Slideshow: Bright Lights, Big City

A clocktower in Shanghai