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China - Silenced, January 2005

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More than a third of China's oil and gas reserves are in the Xinjiang province.

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Connect with Uighur dissidents and human rights groups and get information about China's crackdown in Xinjiang. read more

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Men celebrate and wave in a truck

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Video Length: 7:26

FRONTLINE/World reporter Serene Fang visits a remote Chinese province, Xinjiang, to investigate growing tensions between the government and the Muslim people known as the Uighurs. Her clandestine interview with a Uighur man turns into a reporter's nightmare when Chinese authorities arrest Fang and her source, confiscate her videotape, interrogate her for 24 hours, and take the Uighur man away to an unknown fate. In her story, Fang reveals the name of the man in an effort to bring attention to his plight.
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This is a special, full-length, extended Web version of the "China: Silenced" segment. The broadcast story was approximately 6 minutes and the streamed Web story is 16 minutes.

Online Discussion
Read an archived conversation with FRONTLINE/World producer Monica Lam and series editor Steve Talbot on

Interview With Serene Fang: Secret Meetings and an Unexpected Arrest

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