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MEXICO - A Death in the Desert, June 2004

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An estimated 10 percent of Mexico's citizens live in the United States, without legal documents.

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Learn more about illegal border crossings, the battle over NAFTA and the changing face of immigration. read more

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Video Length: 19:17

Follow FRONTLINE/World reporter Claudine LoMonaco as she retraces the tragic journey of Matias Garcia, a chili pepper farmer from a small Zapotec Indian village in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, who crossed the border looking for work and died in the Arizona desert. LoMonaco and producer/reporter Mary Spicuzza find Garcia's family and interview his surviving brother and others. Their responses to LoMonaco reveal the dangers faced by desperate migrants.
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Essential Backgrounders from The New York Times

Read New York Times reporter Timothy Egan's in-depth analysis of the most dangerous border crossings, watch a slideshow about children smuggled across the border, travel on a voyage through Guatemala with migrants hoping to reach the U.S., and explore the perilous routes across the border in an interactive feature.

Interview with Claudine LoMonaco and Mary Spicuzza: A Desperate Journey

Sign warning people of the danger in crossing