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Moscow - Rich in Russia, October 2003

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The living wage in Russia is $50 a month and about half of Russians don't make that.

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FRONTLINE/World's Sabrina Tavernise, a New York Times reporter who covered Russia for six years, meets the young capitalists who are remaking Moscow and examines the rise of Russia's oligarchs -- the men who became wealthy during the wild privatization period after the fall of communism. She interviews Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the richest man in Russia and principal owner of Yukos, Russia's largest oil company, who was recently arrested by Russian authorities. Tavernise also meets Boris Berezovsky, a billionaire who fled to London, where he has just been granted political asylum.
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Interview With Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Money, Power and Politics
Less than a month before his dramatic arrest unleashed political upheaval in Russia, billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky gave an exclusive, wide-ranging interview to FRONTLINE/World and New York Times reporter Sabrina Tavernise about his business, his politics, and the rule of law during the transition to capitalism. Read what Russia's richest man has to say about his ongoing battle with the Kremlin.

Reporter's Notebook: Examining the Young and the Restless
Read two of Sabrina Tavernise's New York Times articles: "Russia's New Rich Are Living It Up, but Oligarchs' Children Wonder: How Long Will it Last" and "To Young, a Russian Enclave Is Too Much the Old Country," as well as an interview with her about Moscow life, money and corruption.

How to Make a Billion Dollars

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