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NIGERIA - The Road North, January 2003

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Imported goods are hit with heavy tariffs: 100 percent on imported toilet paper and 150 percent on water and beer.

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Learn more about Nigerian history and politics, sharia law, human rights, and the role of women. read more

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Video Length: 17:33

FRONTLINE/World reporter and producer Alexis Bloom and co-producer Cassandra Herrman land in Nigeria just as the Miss World contest gets under way. A riot breaks out, hundreds die and the beauty contestants flee. In the aftermath, what will happen to Amina Lawal, a woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery?
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Miss World's Woes: A Chronicle of the Pageant's Troubles Trace the scandals, decade by decade, that stain the oldest world beauty pageant.

Nigerian woman workingNigerian Women Speak Out
Listen in as five Nigerian women from diverse professions -- an activist, a banker, a journalist, a lawyer and a publicist -- tell their own story in their own way.

Thoughts of a Favorite Son
Read an original interview with Wole Soyinka, Nigeria's Nobel Prize-winning writer, as he talks about his homeland, a deeply divided country often at war with itself. Also read an excerpt of poetry from his just-published collection.

Parents and Teachers: For Your Teens
Teens can visit FRONTLINE/World partner YouthNOISE for youth-oriented articles on Amina Lawal and the Miss World pageant, a discussion forum and a quiz on women's rights. Created by Save the Children, YouthNOISE is an interactive teen Web site that inspires young people to learn about issues affecting their generation, connects them with other teens and encourages them to take action.