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PAKISTAN - On A Razor's Edge, March 2004

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Pakistan's current president seized power in a coup in 1999.

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Learn more about nuclear proliferation, the conflict over Kashmir, and Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan. read more

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People protesting in the street

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Video Length: 25:21

Follow FRONTLINE/World reporter and producer Sharmeen Obaid to her native Pakistan as she investigates the clashes between President Pervez Musharraf, a key U.S. ally, and the increasingly powerful Islamic fundamentalists who oppose him. Obaid visits the scene of the most recent assassination attempt on Musharraf, meets with key military leaders and interviews a clandestine jihadi fighting a holy war in neighboring Kashmir.
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Interview With Sharmeen Obaid: The Brink of Peace

Sharmeen Obaid talks about growing up progressive and Muslim, talking cricket with fundamentalists, and interviewing an underground fighter by candlelight.

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Read The New York Times' ongoing coverage of Pakistan's political crises and link to stories about nuclear proliferation and the problems of Kashmir.

Read a discussion with FRONTLINE/World reporter and co-producer Sharmeen Obaid about "On a Razor's Edge"


Voices From the Whirlwind: Assessing Musharraf's Predicament

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