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PHILIPPINES: Islands Under Siege, June 2003

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The Philippines is the only country in Asia that's predominately Roman Catholic, with a 10 percent Muslim minority. Its people speak more than 100 different languages.

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Learn more about U.S. military presence in the Philippines, Muslim rebels and the war on terrorism, and modern-day Philippine politics. read more

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MILF pray in the forrest

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Early this year, amidst military preparations for a war in Iraq, the United States announced it was sending 3,000 soldiers to Mindanao, the southernmost region of the Philippines. FRONTLINE/World sent PRI World correspondent Orlando de Guzman, a Filipino reporter from the north, on a journey to Mindanao, where Muslim rebels are fighting a guerrilla war against the Philippine government -- a war in which the United States may soon be embroiled.
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A Conflicted Land: Rebellions, Wars and Insurgencies in the Philippines

Landscape in PhilippinesFor more than a hundred years, the United States has confronted insurgencies in this archipelago nation of 7,100 islands. From the Spanish-American War to the Marcos dictatorship and beyond, the history of the Philippines is marked by seemingly unquenchable rebellions.

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Reporter's Diary: On the Front Lines in Mindanao

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