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About the SeriesCredits and Underwriters

'The Big Dig' Credits and Underwriters

Produced and Written by
Seth Kramer

Series Producers
Kenneth Mandel
Daniel B. Polin

Stan Warnow

Supervising Editor
Andrew Morreale

Original Music by
T.O. Sterrett

Stacy Keach

Associate Producers
Sonia Slutsky

Director of Photography
Terry Hopkins
Roger T. Grange, III

George Shafnacker
J.C. Schlageter

Photo Animation
Frank Ferrigno

Design/Art Direction
Clive Helfet

Sean Loughlin
Meredith Woods

Post Production Supervisor
Libby Kreutz

On-line Editor
Harvey Kopel

Sound Mixer
Ed Campbell

Production Assistance
Kate Delimitros
Diane Morgan

Film/Video Archives
ABCNews Video Source
Archive Films
Boston Public Library
Florentine Films
Stock Video<
The Central Artery and Tunnel Project
Perini Corporation
The Ronald Reagan Library
Tera Media, Inc.
CBS WBZ Channel 14 Boston
Modern Continental

Photographs Provided by
Bob Albee
Associated Press
Jerry Berndt
Gov. Michael Dukakis
The Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Boston Phoenix
Frank Keefe
Ken Kobre
David A. Krathwohl
Cranston Rogers
Michael Romanos
Fred Salvucci
Peter Southwick
State Transportation Library
Jeff Thiebauth
Peter Vanderwarker

Guitar Solos by
JJ McGeehan

David Luberoff
Bob Albee

Special Thanks
Joe Allegro, Jr., P.E.
Michael Bertoulin, P.E.
Laura Brown
The Charles Hotel: Kathleen Cook
Julie Chlopecki
Nancy Connery
Ensemble Studio Theatre
Ann Eppard
Sante Esposito
Peter Hall
Kenneth Hatfield
Kristen Kramer
Ken Kruckmeyer
Eddie Mahe
John McNamara
Joel Moskowitz
Sean O'Neill
Bob O'Shea
Dennis Rahilly
Cranston Rogers, P.E.
Yanni Tsipis

Research and Development Funded by
Associated Equipment Distributors
Canadian Associated Equipment Distributors
Caterpillar, Inc.
CIT Foundation
Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
Deloitte, Haskins & Sells
Morrison Knudsen
The Road Information Program
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

For South Carolina ETV
Polly S. Kosko
Executive in Charge of Production

Charles W. White
National Programming Administration

Elaine T. Freeman
Executive Director
The ETV Endowment of S.C.

A production of Great Projects Film Company, Inc., in association with South Carolina ETV

In Memory Of
Isaac Auerbach
Michael Robinson

Executive Producers
Kenneth Mandel
Daniel B. Polin

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All Rights Reserved.

Great Projects: The Building of America


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'A Tale of Two Rivers'
'Electric Nation'
'Bridging New York'
'The Big Dig'

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