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About the Series

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Since the harnessing of steam, Americans have used ingenuity, strength, and a can-do spirit to tame the wilderness. The four-part 'Great Projects' series tells the stories of the men and women behind the greatest engineering feats in our history.

A Tale of Two Rivers

Program One: 'A Tale of Two Rivers'
"A Tale of Two Rivers" shows how America harnessed two of its mightiest waterways -- the Mississippi and Colorado rivers -- and put them to work for its citizens.
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Electric Nation

Program Two: 'Electric Nation'
The delivery of electricity to homes, businesses and factories has perhaps transformed society more than any other engineering achievement. "Electric Nation" documents how electricity became a part of every American's life.
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Bridging New York

Program Three: 'Bridging New York'
Eleven major bridges unite New York City together and with the rest of the nation. One engineer was responsible for more than half of them.
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The Big Dig

Program Four: 'The Big Dig'
A Central Artery cuts through downtown Boston and was so disputed that it was never fully completed. By the 1970s, city planners wanted to tear the highway down and build an underground road. This is the story of the nation's most ambitious and expensive highway project.
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Great Projects: The Building of America


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