The Man: Peterson
 Experience as POW
On capture and imprisonment
On the will to live
On torture
On secret ways of vommunicating
On lack of information
POW release in 1973
 Return to America
Peterson family
Peterson runs for Congress
Nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam
 Return to Vietnam
Peterson arrives
The job as Ambassador
Representing American business
Getting Washington's attention
Peterson testifies before Congress
Peterson finds romance
Vi Le's background
 The Country: Vietnam
 Vietnam, an overview
Early history
French colonization
"The American War"
The spirit of Ho Chi Minh
The Government
Religion in Vietnam
The Vietnamese language
Culture and traditions
Tet - it's not an Offensive
 Vietnam's New Generation
An Interview with 24-year old photographer, Pham Ba Hung
On the exciting changes in Vietnam today
On music
On going out
On the Generation Gap
On weddings
Ambassador Peterson on Vietnam's youth
 Hanoi City & Tourist Information
Vietnam today
Street life
Pete Peterson's motorcycle tour of Hanoi
Map with some recommended sites in Hanoi
 The Mission: Reconciliation
 Two Nations grieve
Joint Task Force on American MIAs
Vietnamese co-operation
Site excavation of Case #0112 (Roscoe Fobair)
Fobair Family reaction to JTF work
The search for Vietnamese MIAs
A Vietnamese mother still searches for her son's remains
Vietnamese and Americans help each other
Vietnam Challenge, a 1200 mile bicycle journey, brings reconciliation
 Business in Vietnam
The American business community in Vietnam
Jackson Vanik Amendment
Bilateral Trade Agreement
 The Political Arena
Steps toward reconciliation
The Vietnamese perspective
The view From Washington
Ambassador Peterson's perspective
The Vietnamese-American dilemma
Viet Kieu
A new generation of Vietnamese Americans return to Vietnam
The San Jose Mercury newspaper, bridging two worlds
 The Program
Producer Sandy Northrop's Journal
Tips on shooting in Vietnam
Wind & Stars Production Credits
 Teacher's Notebook
Lesson Objectives
Questions before viewing film
Activities after viewing film
Writing Assignment
Hold a debate
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