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Irvin Kershner
Though best known for his action-adventure sagas like Empire and the James Bond film, Never Say Never Again (1983), or psycho-thrillers like Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), Kershner’s strength as a director comes from his focus on the more personal, human aspects of his characters.

It was this commitment to integrity that made Empire arguably the strongest of the three Star Wars films, though it did create some tension between Kershner and creator George Lucas. As the story goes, Lucas wanted to cut some of Kershner’s classic character development to speed along the action of the film. Characteristically, Kershner saw the Star Wars Trilogy as a symphony, and argued that it was his responsibility as director of the “lento,” or second movement, to make the audience care more deeply about the characters (continued)

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“He had a real joy of life. That was as important
as anything I learned about painting.” -Irvin Kershner
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