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Paul Resika
Born and raised in New York City, Paul Resika’s career in art started as at age 9 when his mother encouraged him to take painting lessons. While studying with Sol Wilson as an early teen, he regularly ventured to the rural country outside of Manhattan to paint landscapes and still lifes in the barn of a close friend. It was this friend who suggested that the young Resika seek out Hans Hofmann to further his studies.

Resika began taking night classes at the Hofmann School while still in high school. After a year, he became a studio monitor and attended classes full time, day and night. He then continued his studies at the Provincetown school in the summer.

Resika’s first one-man show was held at the George Dix Gallery on Madison Avenue when he was only 19. As he continued his studies independently during his extensive travels through Europe, (continued)

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“There’s a great life force in Hofmann.
It was rare that his work was contemplative or subtle.” -Paul Resika
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