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Myrna Harrison
Artists’ Gallery, NYC in 1957. She supported herself with a variety of jobs: night shift at Western Union; sales clerk at a department store, a tourist shop and a custom sandal shop; temporary office help. On an intermittent basis, she ran a small studio employing three to five artist-friends doing inking, opaquing, and backgrounds for animated commercials for television -- skills she had learned from her father while working summers at his studio when she was a teenager. She married Earl Pierce, a painter and former Hofmann student in 1954. In 1959 she received a BA (magna cum laude with Honors in English) and in 1960 an MA (English) from New York University. At NYU she studied with Philip Guston.

In 1960, Myrna Harrison and Earl Pierce moved to California, where she was a Teaching Assistant in the English department at UC, Berkeley from 1960-64. She and Earl Pierce were divorced in 1965. She remained in California for the next fifteen years, teaching in a poverty (continued)

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“The school was exciting and the best students were there. So thatís
already a clue...that this was where you wanted to be.” -Myrna Harrison
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