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Robert De Niro, Sr.
lyrical contours of Matisse, and the modernist non-perspectival compositions of Bonnard are each clear inspirations in De Niro’s best works.

While studying with Hofmann at his Provincetown summer school, De Niro met painter Virginia Admiral, whom he married in 1942. The couple moved into a large, airy loft in New York’s Greenwich Village, where they were able to paint. Their illustrious circle of friends included writers Anais Nin and Henry Miller, playwright Tennessee Williams, and actress and famous Berlin dancer Valeska Gert who modeled for Hofmann’s classes. Admiral and De Niro separated shortly after their son, Robert De Niro, Jr. was born in December of 1943.

A perfectionist, De Niro Sr. often painted and repainted his canvases, completing hundreds of studies of the same composition until he was pleased with his work. He was meticulous with his choice (continued)

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“There is no difference between one side of the border and the other.”
-Robert De Niro, Sr. from his poem, Spain is Behind the Mountain
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