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Hofmann creates his historic painting “Spring” by dribbling, splashing and pouring paint directly onto his canvas. Some critics later attribute Pollock’s signature drip technique (1947-51) to Hofmann’s influence.
Hofmann becomes an American citizen. He delivers an address at the annual meeting of the American Abstract Artists at the Riverside Museum. Solo exhibition at the Isaac Delgado Museum of Art, New Orleans.
Hofmann’s former student Lee Krasner introduces him to Jackson Pollock. Despite initial hostility, the artists develop a mutual admiration. Hofmann later buys two of Pollock’s paintings. At left, Hofmann's 1942 drip painting, “The Wind”.
Following the War, FDR signs the GI Bill of Rights which enables veterans to attend college. Art schools are flooded with returning G.Is, including, Robert Irwin, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Rauschenberg, Wayne Thiebaud, and James Gahagan (pictured at right).
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“Through a painting we can see the whole world” -Hans Hofmann, 1952
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