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Residency Activity Check-list

Each visit of the composer with a group in your community will require different arrangements. This check-list is meant to provide information for the composer and the on-site coordinator in planning and carrying out the activity. We recommend that both parts be filled in with copies given to the composer and residency site contact with a copy kept in the host group’s files.

Information for the composer

Residency Site:

Address (street, building, where to meet):

Contact person:

Telephone numbers:

Date, Time:

Directions to the site:

What kind and length of presentation is requested?

For which group(s)? Who will be the participants? If a school group, what age, what kind of class, how many? If a civic group, who are the members?

In what kind of room will the presentation take place?

Information for the residency site:

Composer’s Name:

Composer’s home address and phone number:

Composer’s local address and phone number:

Date s/he is arriving in the community:

Equipment needed:

_____ supplies (manuscript paper, pencils, art materials?)

_____ keyboard or piano

_____ other musical instruments (list):

_____ materials to make instruments (list):

_____ blackboard _____ overhead projector

_____ audio equipment (CD, cassette, other)

_____ computer _____ compositional software

_____ TV and VCR _____ other projection equipment (slides, computer projector, other)

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