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Harriman Expedition Retraced



after the expedition
After the

journals 2001

mammal list - part I
July 21 -
August 5

bird list - part 1
Bird List:
July 21 -
August 5

mammal list - part2
August 5 - 20

bird list -part 2
Bird List:
August 5 - 20


Bird List: August 5 - 20, 2001

Compiled by Dale Chorman

Red-legged Kittiwake.

Red-legged Kittiwake.
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Black-footed Albatross

Phoebastria nigripes

Laysan Albatross

Phoebastria immutabilis

Northern Fulmar

Fulmarus glacialis

Sooty Shearwater

Puffinus griseus

Short-tailed Shearwater

Puffinus tenuirostris

Leach's Storm-Petrel

Oceanodroma leucorhoa

Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel

Oceanodroma furcata

Double-crested Cormorant

Phalacrocorax auritus

Red-faced Cormorant

Phalacrocorax urile

Pelagic Cormorant

Phalacrocorax pelagicus

Tundra Swan

Cygnus columbianus

Emperor Goose

Anser canagica


Anas platyrhynchos

Northern Shoveler

Anas clypeata

King Eider

Somateria spectabilis

Steller's Eider

Polysticta stelleri

Harlequin Duck

Histrionicus histrionicus

Surf Scoter

Melanitta perspicillata

White-winged Scoter

Melanitta fusca

Common Goldeneye

Bucephala clangula

Red-breasted Merganser

Mergus serrator

Bald Eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Rough-legged Hawk

Buteo lagopus

Golden Eagle

Aquila chrysaetos


Falco rusticolus

Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus

Willow Ptarmigan

Lagopus lagopus

Spruce Grouse

Falcipennis canadensis

Sandhill Crane

Grus canadensis

Bar-tailed Godwit

Limosa lapponica


Numenius phaeopus

Bristle-thighed Curlew

Numenius tahitiensis

Spotted Sandpiper

Tringa macularia

Gray-tailed Tattler

Tringa brevipes

Wandering Tattler

Tringa incana

Ruddy Turnstone

Arenaria interpres

Black Turnstone

Arenaria melanocephala


Aphriza virgata

Semipalmated Sandpiper

Calidris pusilla

Western Sandpiper

Calidris mauri

Least Sandpiper

Calidris minutilla

Rock Sandpiper

Calidris ptilocnemis


Calidris alpina

Red-necked Phalarope

Phalaropus lobatus

Red Phalarope

Phalaropus fulicaria

Black Oystercatcher

Haematopus bachmani

American Golden-Plover

Pluvialis dominica

Semipalmated Plover

Charadrius semipalmatus

Mew Gull

Larus canus

Glaucous-winged Gull

Larus glaucescens

Herring Gull

Larus argentatus

Slaty-backed Gull

Larus schistisagus

Sabine's Gull

Xema sabini

Black-legged Kittiwake

Rissa tridactyla

Red-legged Kittiwake

Rissa brevirostris

Pomarine Jaeger

Stercorarius pomarinus

Parasitic Jaeger

Stercorarius parasiticus

Long-tailed Jaeger

Stercorarius longicaudus

Common Murre

Uria aalge

Thick-billed Murre

Uria lomvia

Pigeon Guillemot

Cepphus columba

Marbled Murrelet

Brachyramphus marmoratus

Kittlitz's Murrelet

Brachyramphus brevirostris

Ancient Murrelet

Synthliboramphus antiquus

Cassin's Auklet

Ptychoramphus aleuticus

Parakeet Auklet

Aethia psittacula

Crested Auklet

Aethia cristatella

Whiskered Auklet

Aethia pygmaea

Least Auklet

Aethia pusilla

Rhinoceros Auklet

Cerorhinca monocerata

Horned Puffin

Fratercula corniculata

Tufted Puffin

Fratercula cirrhata

Belted Kingfisher

Ceryle alcyon

Steller's Jay

Cyanocitta stelleri

Black-billed Magpie

Pica pica

Northwestern Crow

Corvus caurinus

Common Raven

Corvus corax

American Dipper

Cinclus mexicanus

Varied Thrush

Zoothera naevia

Hermit Thrush

Catharus guttatus

American Robin

Turdus migratorius

Brown Creeper

Certhia americana

Winter Wren

Troglodytes troglodytes

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Regulus satrapa

Arctic Warbler

Phylloscopus borealis

Black-capped Chickadee

Poecile atricapillus

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Poecile rufescens

Yellow Wagtail

Motacilla flava

Olive-backed Pipit

Anthus hodgsoni

Pechora Pipit

Anthus gustavi

American Pipit

Anthus rubescens

Common Redpoll

Carduelis flammea

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch

Leucosticte tephrocotis

Pine Grosbeak

Pinicola enucleator

Orange-crowned Warbler

Vermivora celata

Yellow Warbler

Dendroica petechia

Wilson's Warbler

Wilsonia pusilla

Lapland Longspur

Calcarius lapponicus

Snow Bunting

Plectrophenax nivalis

McKay's Bunting

Plectrophenax hyperboreus

Fox Sparrow

Passerella iliaca

Song Sparrow

Melospiza melodia

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Zonotrichia atricapilla

Savannah Sparrow

Passerculus sandwichensis




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