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A century of change
A Century of Change

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An Alaskan Gazette

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Alaska Tourism

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Nature and Art in Alaska

Anchorage Museum Gallery

Poetry in Alaska
Poetry in Alaska


Anchorage Museum of History and Art

These eight paintings from the Anchorage Museum's permanent collection depict coastal scenes by three artists:

Thomas Hill (1829 - 1908)
Frederick Dellenbaugh
(1853 - 1935)
Theodore Richardson
(1855 - 1914)

Paintings by Richardson (click images for a larger view)

Untitled, Coastal Village

Untitled, Coastal Village. Theodore Richardson

Untitled, Glacier Bay

Untitled, Glacier Bay. Theodore Richardson

Beach,  Wrangell

Beach, Wrangell. Theodore Richardson

Evening, route north

Evening, Route North. Theodore Richardson

Wrangell Indian Village

Wrangell Indian Village. T. Richardson


Paintings by Hill (click images for a larger view)

Muir Glacier

Muir Glacier. Thomas Hill

Indian Canoes near Muir Glacier.

Indian Canoes near Muir Glacier. Thomas Hill

Painting by Dellenbaugh (click image for a larger view)

Log Houses, Kodiak Village

Log Houses, Kodiak Village. F. Dellenbaugh




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