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Extra Credit
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Instructional Guide

The Instructional Guide's purpose is to help educators navigate and use the Web site/CD in the classroom. Follow the link to the right to download the Adobe PDF version of the guide.

It includes lessons for middle and secondary classes and is designed to be used in schools across the nation. Grade levels recommended are approximate, and should be adapted to the abilities of the students. The Instructional Guide builds on the central theme, "A Century of Change,” but within that broad theme contains a sequence of interdisciplinary lessons. This approach reflects the spirit of the two expeditions, which were undertaken as holistic studies of the coast of Alaska. Disciplines include geography, Native communities, art, literature, and biology. A matrix showing the emphasis of each lesson is included. The lessons are based on national standards.

The Guide is suitable for placement in a three-ring binder. The contents are organized to be used by teachers of different subjects, as fits their needs. A science teacher or an art teacher may extract the sections most relevant to their needs. Teaching teams or interdisciplinary curricular projects may implement the entire Guide as appropriate. Lessons may be used in any sequence that meets teacher needs. We encourage beginning with Lesson One in order to practice Web site/CD navagation, and to gain an overview of the two expeditions' stories. We also encourage the teacher to show the film early in the study cycle.



Click here to download the Educator's Instructional Guide


For information on the Harriman Retraced Expedition e-mail: harriman2001@science.smith.edu

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